About Moscovich Family

Welcome to our family website.

Moscovich Family

We’ll update it with recent videos, blog posts, photography tips, cooking recipes and DIY tips.

stay tuned.


So who are the Moscovich Family members?

Isaac – Photographer, Web Developer, Musician, gadget/tech savvy and overall a continuous learner. the guy who’s doing most of the filming, photographing, designing and maintenance of this site and all of our other web presences.

Maya – A superb cooker, an excellent baker and a DIY enthusiast, if there’s anything in the house that needs fixing or if we need a creative way of making and old furniture into something new she’ll do it in few minutes. her recent DIY was turning an old coffee table into a gaming table.

Bar – Our oldest. He’s an online gaming and Anime/Manga addict and knows all games, how to play them and when the new ones are out. He is also a walking encyclopedia, before going to Google ask Bar, there’s a big chance he knows the answer. as part of his Anime addiction Bar knows a bit of Japanese.

Shai – She likes food, not just to eat it but also to make it, and it will always be fancy! Shai prepare amazing breakfasts on Saturday mornings from a regular omelet to very special pancakes. She’s also a fashionista and knows everything about the latest trends in makeup and nails. Oh yes, she sings, beautiful beautiful voice…

Reef – Still a baby but already knows what she wants and how to make everyone do it, specialize in making noises with her fingers in her mouth!

Oh, and we have a small online photography accessories shop, go and check it out! 🙂